Vital Self Meditation

Vital Self Meditation

About Vital Self Meditation

Meditation means Dhyana in the language of the Vedas. In the West, Dhyana knows many forms, although silent, transcending meditation,  Dhyana  in substance is always the same, if they follow the same principles. So is the  Vital  Self  Meditation, offered today, for the call of time, from Varanasi / India, the birthplace of yoga and meditation. Nevertheless, the correct guidance and application is important, which is not always guaranteed and thus the desired successes are often missing.

In the old path of Vedas and Yoga, meditation plays a fundamental role and is passed on in a respectful manner, according to the old Vedic tradition continued by Adi Shankara, as  “Vital  Self  Meditation”. The confirmed sources of this form of meditation can be found in the ancient Indian yoga texts of the Bhagavad  Gita, the Upanishads,  Brahmabindu Upanishad, Isha Upanishad, the  Mahabarata, the Ramayana written by Maharishi Valmiki  and the  Yogasutras of Patanjali .

This meditation technique, we are very happy to present it to you, is easy to learn and effortless in practice. It requires neither effort nor significant concentration. If you practice “Vital  Self  Meditation”  for 15-25 minutes a day, you will make spontaneous improvements.

Why is Meditation good?