Course schedule, basic course

  • General Information
    Introductory round. Personal, online or in a group. Explanation of the effects, principles and origin of Vital Self Meditation. Possible as a webinar, on weekends in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, or in personal sessions a 1.5 hours, on request, with a subsequent, personal conversation. This can be divided into two dates possible and into weekend, (Fri-Sun), as well as in 5 day retreats.
  • 1: Personal instruction
    Introduction (individual) to the technique of Vital Self Meditation
  • 2 – 4: Theory and practice
    Information and practical guidance based on first own experiences. Exchange of experiences, mentoring, one hour, at three meetings (within the following 3 weeks), or audio, webinar / VBlock,  followed after the  personal  instruction.

Our mentoring program

Mentoring, is described as an instrument – also in the transfer of knowledge of the backgrounds of meditation and yoga science, together with the seminar participants. We can understand it as the guidance of an experienced person, having obtained sufficient theoretical and practical foundations in our courses.

The Meditation Mentor of Vital Self Meditation and the program of “The Light of Varanasi”, should have at least a practical experience of 1.5 years of regular mediation  (approx. 25,000 hrs meditation practice) and should have successfully participated in our “Mentor Program” of six intensive weekends / retreats. This mentoring program allows people, who have questions about their meditation practice and participated in a Vital Self meditation course, to have their practice tested by competent mentors of the Vitals Self Meditation Program and to receive basic theoretical information about our method.