Participation offer for the Basic course of Vital Self Meditation

Our Services in the Vital Self Meditation Course are free of costs.

“The price is what you pay. The value is what you get. However, it is the value you give to meditation and your life. Abundance, flourishing, refinement, development, intelligence, renewal, health, resilience, happiness, love, self-efficacy, sovereignty, autonomy, freedom, success, inspiration, perfection.”

Money can buy many things, but as the old saying goes, “The best things in life are free,” and that includes Vital Self Meditation.

Happiness and inner #peace have no price tag and are not subject to inflation.

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Are fees or donations required to learn or practice Vital Self Meditation?

No. Vital Self Meditation is free of charge. The method and advanced techniques are always free of charge.

This includes both learning and practicing the meditation technique, including sessions with certified teachers of the teachers, whether digitally, with a learning course via video, in person or online.

While the basic meditation practice is free of charge, the organization may offer additional programs, workshops or events for which fees may apply. Therefore, the basic Vital Self Meditation itself is available to anyone at no cost, in keeping with the principle that the best things in life, including happiness, spirituality and inner peace, are not charged for.

The Vedharma Institute and its affiliated organizations, Vedic Education Society, The Light of Varanasi, survive mainly on donations and grants and are registered as non-profit organizations.

Fees are charged for some special certifications and accredited programs such as Yoga, Ayurveda, Jyotish, Vastu and Continuing Education to cover costs and facilitate reinvestment.

Voluntary options:

1,- € monthly sponsorship contribution to:

Personalized instruction, VIP live coaching, €1,200 per day. One-to-one introduction and sequential guidance to the meditation program plus travel expenses.

There is no obligation to donate. It all depends on your means and your willingness.

In addition, we ask you for a contribution of €1 per month to support our work.

For further donations, you have the opportunity to donate your money via Patreon:

Thank you very much.

Further offers:

After the basic course you can take advantage of all further offers of local, national and international institutions of the meditation network of The Light of Varanasi and Vital Self Meditation Network and Light of Varanasi Organization.

Private lessons, groups, companies:
Are you interested in private lessons, mentoring, spiritual coaching, mental training, stress management, effective strategies for dealing with aggression, hatred, violence, intolerance or further training programs for teams or companies? Then please get in touch with us.

Webinars can be booked at any time on request. You can of course book in here immediately and start your meditation program straight away.

Or use the online booking in our Vimeo video portal via this link.

“I received this divine knowledge from *Brahma-Vidya and Vedanta, free of charge from my teacher and the Vedic master tradition. So why should I ask other people to pay for it? Divine realization is not for sale. If it were possible to acquire God through payment and you could afford it, why would you still feel the need to strive for God?” Joachim Nusch (Shri Jyoti)

  • “Brahma Vidya”* is a Sanskrit term composed of two words: “Brahma” and “Vidya”.

Brahma: In the Vedic tradition, “Brahma” refers to the highest, transcendent, unchanging and infinite principle of the universe. It represents the absolute, cosmic principle or the Supreme Self.

Vidya: The Sanskrit word “Vidya” means knowledge or science. It is often used in connection with spiritual or transcendental knowledge.

Taken together, “Brahma Vidya” refers to the knowledge or science of Brahma, the supreme spiritual principle. This can refer to various spiritual teachings or traditions that focus on attaining knowledge of the Absolute, the Divine or the Supreme Self. It refers to an aspect of Vedic science or to more specific spiritual practices and studies. It is important to note that the term can have different meanings in different contexts and traditions.

Your commitment to a better world.

Join us in our work to bring peace, compassion, spirituality, health, happiness and harmony to people from all walks of life by financially supporting Vital Self Meditation programs around the world. Donations of any size enable us to transform lives by teaching the techniques of Vital Self Meditation. These programs are run entirely by volunteers and participants receive the techniques free of charge. Our dedicated volunteers, many of whom are professionals, invest your time and talents and pay your own expenses. Your donation will support our programs in schools, universities, colleges, businesses, hospitals and villages worldwide, as well as in all interested groups and communities.

The solution lies within you

“The solution lies within you” is one of the most important tenets of holistic psychology and indeed the intelligence of our soul knows best how to lead us back to health, happiness and vitality, if we only let it have its say. So let’s allow ourselves a moment of silence through Vital Self Meditation to listen to our inner voice. Start right now.