Robert Koch Institute presents new figures for the R value (reproduction number).

But how can the immune system be strengthened sustainably?

In addition, a change in health policy should come in Germany. As long as the government continues the current reactive policy, sustainable solutions are irresponsibly suppressed.

Good results and hopeful figures on meditation and the immune system were already published in a study from 2003:

Meditation has positive effects on the immune system and brain. Meditation can have a positive long-term effect on brain functions and the immune system. This is reported by a team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin in Madison (USA) in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine.

In this study, the researchers gave the subjects a flu shot at the end of the training and measured the number of flu antibodies four and eight weeks after the vaccination. Although the number of antibodies in the blood increased in both control groups, the increase in the meditation group was significantly higher than in the comparison group of the non-meditators.

The result shows that regular meditation strengthens the immune system and sustainably increases resilience. So if you want to better counter the risk of infection from Covid-19, you can strengthen your immune system by meditating regularly and is now campaigning for this soft form of resilience strengthening. Not least to lower the R value.

Source Wissenschaft de / University of Wisconsin in Madison (USA)

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