I am Pandit Jai Prakash Chaturvedi, Vedic Astrologer. Since childhood I have been trained in Jyotish knowledge and Yagya performance. I have attained this knowledge traditionally from my father Shri Shiv Pujan Chaturvedi and my grand father late Shri Ram Vyas Chaturvedi.My grand father was a learned Vedic scholar of India and my father travelled across the globe for 10 years as Vedic Jyotishi under blessings of HH Maharishi ji.My long cherished goal was to serve humanity on large scale. Fortunately I came across with His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi organisation in 1995. His Holiness Maharishi ji is the proponent of Transcendental Meditation and Sidhi Program.I studied there from 1995 to 1998 and then moved to Kashi Varanasi. I did my post graduation from Benaras Hindu University(BHU), which is one of the most important seats of learning-specially of Vedic Knowledge and Sanskrit- in IndiaIn order to fulfill the need of the people in society and help people of our Vedic fraternity around the globe I established VEDIC EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH SOCIETY at Noida, nearNew Delhi.Since 2011, I have been in Noida, just 25 k.m. from Delhi and under blessings and guidance of my father pt CHATURVEDI giving Jyotish consultations to our friends and people abroad over telephone and through e-mails and perform Yagyas for them according to need.Seeing the demand of the people for Jyotish Consultation and Yagya services I formed many groups of Vedic Pandits to perform the yagyas for our clients. The most important thing is that all the Vedic Pandits are meditator and do the Sidhi program regularly. So, of -course the Yagyas are also performed on the level of pure consciousness which is more effective and create more life supporting influences for our clients. This has been experienced by thousands of our clients in many countries across the globe. Our groups of Vedic Pandits are in Noida,Varanasi and in Bihar. There are Vedic scholars in my orgnaizations. There are Drs. in Vedic Phiosophy who work in ourganization. Some of the Vedic Pandits who peroform Yagyas are Doctorate in Veda..With a view to help every one, the Yagyas are performed on group level and on individual level for the people according to their convenience and capacity. By the Divine Grace the result nd eaxperience of Yagyas have been absolutely fantastic as reported by thousands of our clients from many countries.Since, ours is charitable organization so I provide the Jyotish consultation and perform Yagyas services to poor, incapable people and to weaker section of society from our side as per requirements.

The most humanitarian messages which I want to give to one and all is that to live with love and peace and to help all mankind according to capacity and ability. This is the most evolutionary, progressive and blissful way of life.

You can contact me at any time for any help through e-mail –

2: vaideclife@gmail.com

My Mob No. are :

1:+ 9810810187,
2:+ 9560072829

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